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Artmetica [userpic]


I'm trying to be a bit organized


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Artmetica [userpic]

I'm back to drawing again ^^ Trying to, at least, with 10-20 minutes of free time everyday and my craving for video games XD
Here are the drawings I made last month:

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Pic 1: The Witcher 3 fanart
Pic 2: MGS 5 TPP fanart
Pic 3: MGS 5 TPP fanart
Pic 4: SPN fanart
Pic 5: A pic for my hubby's gaming shop
Pic 6: Crimson Peak fanart (SPOILERY)

Someone over at dA said my style kinda changed a bit compared to my SPN days. I dunno, it's been a while since I drew anything. So, they're probably right? XD

There are a couple of SPN pics that I'll post this month :)

Artmetica [userpic]

Hey guys!
If anyone is willing to check this out for me, I'd appreciate it very much! :D

I did an English placement test in my office, it was a "choose the correct answer" test. They said I had 8 mistakes (so many lol), but they wouldn't let me know which ones I got wrong or right.
I'm curious but when I Googled, I saw different answers from different sites! :O

So, which ones do you think are wrong?
Here are the questions (and my answers in bold)

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In the place I Googled, there was one more part. But the test I did didn't include that. Actually mine ended abruptly somewhere before #24 above, but I don't remember where hahaa :p

So, can anyone tell me which numbers?

Artmetica [userpic]

Heeey! (if anyone's still here)

Gosh, I've been absent from LJ for too long (2.5 years?!)

You probably know, I had a baby girl on 2013 :) She just turned 2 and her granny's staying I can get a little me-time again!
Also, I lost my Mom earlier this year, but I'm quite over it :')

I did read a few fics here during that time, but mostly on AO3, and then I got sucked into some other fandoms.
Anyway, I'm catching up with several video games and TV series! I missed SPN since season 9, and right now I'm still on 9x12 :O So far I think 9x11 was the s9 episode I enjoyed the most :)

Which SPN episode is your favorite in season 9 and 10? ^^
Any Destiel fic recs?

Artmetica [userpic]

A drawing for j2_everafter, the prompt was Princess Mononoke.
I signed up really late and was surprised that this prompt was still available :D

Sacred Grounds
RPF AU, fusion, fantasy
J2 pre-slash, a wolf
Princess Mononoke もののけ姫
long-haired Jensen, some blood,
cross-cultural elements, a giant wolf, unbetaed









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Artmetica [userpic]

A pic for Cry Havoc by ladyblahblah, as part of tnwolfsuperbang 2012

Fic on AO3

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Artmetica [userpic]

A pic for Teen Wolf Reverse Bang. The pic was claimed by the amazing zimothy! *_* ♥
You can read the awesome fic on AO3: I Call You Names Because I Love You


zimothy's TUMBLR post

     Prompt title : A Song for You
     Artist : artmetica
     Fic Title : I Call You Names Because I Love You
     Author : zimothy
     Genre : band!AU, pining, misunderstanding
     Pairing : Derek/Stiles
     Rating : Mature
     Word Count : 13,000~
     Summary : Years of touring with Stiles would never have prepared Derek for the day his beloved techie fell in love with someone else.
     Thanks to :
  • zimothy for taking the prompt and writing such a delightful fic! I'm so lucky to be given the chance to work with you!
  • twreversebang mods and participants, thank you for keeping this challenge running :D
     Preview :
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Artmetica [userpic]

Art prompt and some additional quickies for Breathe by fine_feathered, as part of spn_reversebang 2012
The pics are a little spoilery, go read the fic ^_^

Fic Masterpost

e-Books available for download: Mediafire

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Artmetica [userpic]

Art prompt and one additional drawing for "The Sky was meant for Birds" by hippivickyx, as part of spn_reversebang 2012
I'm sorry for being late ^^;

     Prompt title : Betrothed
     Artist : artmetica
     Fic Title : The Sky was meant for Birds
     Author : hippivickyx
     Fandom/Genre : SPN - Fantasy, action
     Pairings (fic) : Dean/Castiel, slight Gabriel/Sam
     Rating : PG-13
     Word Count : 8,000
     Warnings (art) : Arranged marriage (prompt), wings (additional)
     Summary : The King of Winchester Kingdom, Dean, and his angel Adviser Castiel, are trapped in their own war as they fight against Hell’s demons in another.
     Thanks to :
  • hippivickyx for thinking of new ideas, writing the fic and imagining a fascinating world :)
  • spn_reversebang mods and participants, thank you all for keeping this challenge running ^_^

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Artmetica [userpic]

Some art inspired by The Mechanics of Love fic draft, it was first written as a Mini Bang for deancasbigbang 2012.
This post is probably NSFW (there's shirtless Cas and a sorta-kiss).

Read fic View art Download e-books Download fanmix

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