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A new normal

I wonder why some people still don't want to wear masks. Do you wear them? Me and my daughter love them! There are many cute designs, and they're also cheap in my country; you can get the most basic, one-color cloth mask for 35 cents (the most popular version). I had to stop ourselves from buying new cute illustrated ones that caught our eyes 😅

These last few months, I've been spending so much time completing PS4 games (that I bought years ago in random sales and never played), watching Netflix, and... doing some experimental cooking. Like if I were a Sim, I would've gained maybe a level of Cooking and Video Gaming skill, lol. I think I platinumed more games in these 2 months than I had in the last 5 years! 🤦🏻

SPN-wise, I am now on Season 13, the Scooby Doo episode! I love it, it feels like the writers and cast were having fun with this one! And aaagggh I was reminded that SPN is just so so good, I regret being behind on it! I feel like I should've really made time for it even if I lost sleep! Such is the time I envy petite_madame 's insomnia...

I understand that this final season is on hiatus, thanks to the darn virus. But I'm curious, are you loving it so far? Obviously I haven't watched anything later than Season 13's Scooby episode, but I don't mind spoilers 🍿

I hope you guys are doing OK! 😘

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Hello LJ!

Anyone still here?

I've been away for a very, very long time. Life happened and I drowned myself in work, which resulted in stress and the decline of my health. Earlier this year I had to have a major life-changing surgery, and then it made me think about what was going on in my life, sorted out my priorities. Fast forward a few months and here I am, trying to build a business with my hubby when I'm not helping my daughter with her school stuff ;p

I want to write a separate, more detailed journal entry about what happened, but it may be too long! XD

Anyway, I've missed SPN for about... 4 or 5 seasons?!
Then I just heard it's their last season (?) I've gotta catch up!

Tried drawing something SPN, but I kinda forgot how to draw these guys, or drawing in general... ^^;

Any fic recs?
Or maybe more fandom to poison me with? LOL

P.S.: LJ has changed so much, I didn't even know how to layout the pics in this post @_@

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October Art Dump

I'm back to drawing again ^^ Trying to, at least, with 10-20 minutes of free time everyday and my craving for video games XD
Here are the drawings I made last month:

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Pic 1: The Witcher 3 fanart
Pic 2: MGS 5 TPP fanart
Pic 3: MGS 5 TPP fanart
Pic 4: SPN fanart
Pic 5: A pic for my hubby's gaming shop
Pic 6: Crimson Peak fanart (SPOILERY)

Someone over at dA said my style kinda changed a bit compared to my SPN days. I dunno, it's been a while since I drew anything. So, they're probably right? XD

There are a couple of SPN pics that I'll post this month :)
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Help! English stuff

Hey guys!
If anyone is willing to check this out for me, I'd appreciate it very much! :D

I did an English placement test in my office, it was a "choose the correct answer" test. They said I had 8 mistakes (so many lol), but they wouldn't let me know which ones I got wrong or right.
I'm curious but when I Googled, I saw different answers from different sites! :O

So, which ones do you think are wrong?
Here are the questions (and my answers in bold)

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In the place I Googled, there was one more part. But the test I did didn't include that. Actually mine ended abruptly somewhere before #24 above, but I don't remember where hahaa :p

So, can anyone tell me which numbers?
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After the Long Absence

Heeey! (if anyone's still here)

Gosh, I've been absent from LJ for too long (2.5 years?!)

You probably know, I had a baby girl on 2013 :) She just turned 2 and her granny's staying I can get a little me-time again!
Also, I lost my Mom earlier this year, but I'm quite over it :')

I did read a few fics here during that time, but mostly on AO3, and then I got sucked into some other fandoms.
Anyway, I'm catching up with several video games and TV series! I missed SPN since season 9, and right now I'm still on 9x12 :O So far I think 9x11 was the s9 episode I enjoyed the most :)

Which SPN episode is your favorite in season 9 and 10? ^^
Any Destiel fic recs?
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J2 Ever After: Sacred Grounds

A drawing for j2_everafter, the prompt was Princess Mononoke.
I signed up really late and was surprised that this prompt was still available :D

Sacred Grounds
RPF AU, fusion, fantasy
J2 pre-slash, a wolf
Princess Mononoke もののけ姫
long-haired Jensen, some blood,
cross-cultural elements, a giant wolf, unbetaed









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[Teen Wolf] A Song for You

A pic for Teen Wolf Reverse Bang. The pic was claimed by the amazing zimothy! *_* ♥
You can read the awesome fic on AO3: I Call You Names Because I Love You


zimothy's TUMBLR post

     Prompt title : A Song for You
     Artist : artmetica
     Fic Title : I Call You Names Because I Love You
     Author : zimothy
     Genre : band!AU, pining, misunderstanding
     Pairing : Derek/Stiles
     Rating : Mature
     Word Count : 13,000~
     Summary : Years of touring with Stiles would never have prepared Derek for the day his beloved techie fell in love with someone else.
     Thanks to :
  • zimothy for taking the prompt and writing such a delightful fic! I'm so lucky to be given the chance to work with you!
  • twreversebang mods and participants, thank you for keeping this challenge running :D
     Preview :
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