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D/C Ever After: Supernaturally Enchanted (art masterpost)

One of my entries for dc_everafter, filling the Enchanted prompt given by aura_wings12
These drawings are spoiler-y for the fic, which is written by anne_higgins ^^ Go read the fic here :)
And in my excitement, this post became quite long... I'm sorry for the mess >_<

     Title:Supernaturally Enchanted (art masterpost)
     Rating :PG-13
     Genre:AR, Fairy tale AU
     Pairing :Dean/Castiel
     Characters :Dean, Castiel, dragon!Lucifer, wolf!Madison, horse!Impala, Anna, Pip (from the movie)
     Spoilers :Supernaturally Enchanted by anne_higgins

Aaah I love this movie, imagine me jumping around when the mods told me I got the prompt! XD
But... *facepalm* I was clueless on what to draw, because picturing Castiel being merry-go-happy like Giselle was hard +_+ Then I found out anne_higgins claimed the same prompt for fic, and she was willing to collab! *happy happy* We had long exchanges of e-mails and it turned out she had this idea of a reversal fic. Basically, Dean is the one thrown into Angelasia and Sam follows him to bring him back ^^ ♥ In Angelasia, Castiel is a prince and Lucifer is the evil regent.

anne_higgins is very well-organized and punctual — always keeping me updated with her progress on the fic at a designed schedule every week, never late even once! So thank you, working with you has been a pleasure! :D

I was really excited, perhaps a bit too much... At first I only planned to make one drawing for the prompt (that second one below) but things got out of control :( Luckily I had more free time that month, I even tried to make one illustrated PDF for the fic :) Now I know a bit about making PDFs ^^ ♥ I hope you'll enjoy these anyway!

Table of Contents

book cover   |   True Love's Kiss   |   The Dragon Battle   |   Ever Ever After   |   PDF   |   fanmix   |   art dump

Book cover

Had to make up some book cover for that banner above and the PDF :p
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True Love's Kiss

Well that isn't really a kiss, I can't draw people kissing XD haha
This initially had a pink-ish color theme (like that shade near Cas' hair), but I got annoyed in the middle of it, so I tried changing all of it to blue/purple.
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The Dragon Battle

This started as a dragon head doodle, but it sort of had a mind of its own ^^;
Dean was first drawn leaning forward with both hands holding the sword. Then I realized that was the wrong way to wield a rapier XD
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Ever Ever After

Another drawing that wasn't planned ^^; LOL I got the sudden urge to draw the boys' wedding outfits in the middle of exchanging e-mails with anne_higgins. I told her about it and then she got the idea of the pose, so here it is XD And they live happily ever, ever after :p
anne_higgins realized my kink fondness for wings and let me draw them, even though she didn't plan about them being visible XD Thank you for letting me draw some wings! ♥ Should've drawn people in the background, but meh :/ Dean reference
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Illustrated PDF

You can click on the image above to download the illustrated PDF version of the fic :)
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Fanmix: Supernaturally Enchanted

anne_higgins wanted a fanmix to accompany her musical story. Luckily, these songs she listed weren't hard to find. I've never compiled a fanmix before, hope I didn't mess this up. Click here to download.
The track list were made by anne_higgins, Click here to read her notes on her mix.
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art dump

This last one is just a mash up of several side drawings. Some of them remain unfinished because they got boring, fast ^^;
There was a full-body Dean piece too, but I couldn't figure how his tunic/clothes would look like, so I left him out (he's still naked LOL).
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book cover   |   True Love's Kiss   |   The Dragon Battle   |   Ever Ever After   |   PDF   |   fanmix   |   art dump


Tags: art: fan art, fandom: supernatural, genre: slash, pairing: dean/castiel
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