Artmetica (artmetica) wrote,

October Art Dump

I'm back to drawing again ^^ Trying to, at least, with 10-20 minutes of free time everyday and my craving for video games XD
Here are the drawings I made last month:

Ciri Venom Snake Quiet Rowena poster

Pic 1: The Witcher 3 fanart
Pic 2: MGS 5 TPP fanart
Pic 3: MGS 5 TPP fanart
Pic 4: SPN fanart
Pic 5: A pic for my hubby's gaming shop
Pic 6: Crimson Peak fanart (SPOILERY)

Someone over at dA said my style kinda changed a bit compared to my SPN days. I dunno, it's been a while since I drew anything. So, they're probably right? XD

There are a couple of SPN pics that I'll post this month :)
Tags: art: fan art, fandom: metal gear, fandom: supernatural, fandom: the witcher 3

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