A new normal

I wonder why some people still don't want to wear masks. Do you wear them? Me and my daughter love them! There are many cute designs, and they're also cheap in my country; you can get the most basic, one-color cloth mask for 35 cents (the most popular version). I had to stop ourselves from buying new cute illustrated ones that caught our eyes 😅

These last few months, I've been spending so much time completing PS4 games (that I bought years ago in random sales and never played), watching Netflix, and... doing some experimental cooking. Like if I were a Sim, I would've gained maybe a level of Cooking and Video Gaming skill, lol. I think I platinumed more games in these 2 months than I had in the last 5 years! 🤦🏻

SPN-wise, I am now on Season 13, the Scooby Doo episode! I love it, it feels like the writers and cast were having fun with this one! And aaagggh I was reminded that SPN is just so so good, I regret being behind on it! I feel like I should've really made time for it even if I lost sleep! Such is the time I envy petite_madame 's insomnia...

I understand that this final season is on hiatus, thanks to the darn virus. But I'm curious, are you loving it so far? Obviously I haven't watched anything later than Season 13's Scooby episode, but I don't mind spoilers 🍿

I hope you guys are doing OK! 😘


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